Our team

We are a group of university researchers in social sciences and data science, as well as activists with deep knowledge and profound experience. Our team consists of experts in the fields of human rights, labour rights, and media communication.

Helena Magnusson

Managing Director

Sara Kauko


Pilo Marimón

Layout designer

Stefan Brehm

Research Director

Marcos D. Ibarra

Data scientist

Policy Statement

Globalworks is a not-for-profit organisation analysing the working conditions and living environments of stakeholders at the bottom of global supply chains. Our research focuses on the situation of workers and communities in places without strong institutions to protect their legal rights. Because we collect the voices of marginalised stakeholder groups in repressive environments from social media, we have the responsibility to safeguard privacy, security, and ethical use. We are committed to the following policies:


  • We only search for voices on publicly accessible sites.
  • We do not ask for access to private information.
  • We do not engage directly with users on the internet.
  • We do not encourage or discourage users from posting information on the internet.
  • We do not look for information with the aim of revealing the real identity of an internet user.

Data security

  • Data containing individual posts is encrypted and only experts with clearance and direct legal obligations have access to raw data.
  • All information that is shared with partners, other organisations, and the public is aggregated and non-traceable.

Ethical use of data

  • Analyses serve the purpose of mitigating and remedying adverse human rights impacts.
  • Analyses must not aim at monitoring workers or communities.
  • Analyses must not undermine or interfere with workers’ and communities’ activities and communications.