How it works

Experts on media and human rights who speak the local language use their knowledge to search on the internet for groups, sites, forums, and blogs that contain relevant information. We then build web crawlers that collect all information from the websites that experts specified. The information is stored in a project database. Project databases can contain between a few thousand and millions of posts at the initial stage and, if transformed into a regular service, will grow over time. Experts deploy the text structuring and clustering capabilities of social@risk™ to identify posts about grievances and rights violations, record detailed information on malpractices, correlate risk factors, and evaluate trends.

Experts can use advanced keyword filtering and trace topics with timeline graphs of posts and visuals for word frequency rankings. Social media posts are analysed and pieced together based on what workers write. We also use quantitative methods to support risk identification, mitigation, and remedy. Clients use our analyses for human rights due diligence and stakeholder engagement.

Development of social@risk™