We deliver insights that matter to rights holders

We provide information on grievances and issues raised by workers and communities. We interpret this information against the backdrop of legal norms or ethical principles. Insights derived from the assessment are outlined in accordance with applicable standards such as the Better Work Compliance Assessment Tool.

We develop effective project designs

We strive to deliver tangible results and ask our partners to critically assess our contribution. To ensure that no money and time is wasted our research design consists of two stages: an explorative study followed by a full-scale study.

As part of the exploratory study, we develop a preliminary research design, identify suitable experts if we do not already have them in our network, assess data availability, and select data analysis methods. The exploratory study results are presented and discussed with the client. When an exploratory study yields promising results, a client can recommend moving forward with a full-scale study.

A full-scale study builds on the research design developed in the explorative study. Data collection is comprehensive, analytical goals are specified, and deliverables are defined. The full-scale study is evaluated and, if considered successful, it can be transformed into a regular or continuous service agreement.

Similar to an explorative study, we communicate the results of a full-scale study with a workshop. In addition, we deliver a comprehensive report containing information about the background of a study, method and data, findings, and conclusions.


Factory life

The home of a factory worker in China

At the dorm there is no warm water to shower. None of the dorm toilets are ok. It is messy all over the place and the newcomers have no idea what they are supposed to do. The public bathroom is toxically dirty. Is there any way to get it into a somehow acceptable state? Many of us don’t use it at all. Will the water temperature be higher during wintertime?


Factory life

Chinese migrant workers’ journey into an uncertain future

It is said that traveling is a trip from your own misery to someone else’s misery. Changing work is the same – you hop from one pit into another. […] A new place, new feelings, everything is new. Admittedly earning money is important. But even more important is to feel that you are somebody, to have self-esteem. Being a humble servant, one among a million flowers is not enough (Worker’s post).


Factory life

Making ends meet with a minimum wage

In this era of high technology, high-tech parks, high wages, and posh streets with big cars, I am at Z. Corp. silently praying to get three meals a day. I am getting more and more hungry and lose more and more weight (Worker’s post)